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Conducting a successful Hotel or Hospital Liquidation is not only a complex task but a sensitive situation as well. ICL's proven efficient methods of re-marketing equipment and contents by the piece or in bulk extend to the global market place. And notable, we never lose sight of the unique financial and community issues involved with each individual project.

ICL Rigging
Experience Pays
Having completed Hotel & Hospital Liquidation Sales varying greatly in size and scope, ICL can provide financial guarantees and immediacy of sale for all our clients. We know that what our clients want is maximum fair market value for their asset recovery. Whether they are commercial lenders, bankruptcy trustees or hospital groups, we know how and where to get it.

ICL Rigging
History of Success
Thoroughness… that's the key to a successful liquidation company. We take a team approach to every project, so no detail is overlooked. We study the building, the location and the contents. Timing, traffic patterns, even weather can affect the success of a liquidation sale. So these and other criteria are all factored into the due diligence process. ICL will anticipate every problem and identify every opportunity. www.iclsales.com

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