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  • GAAP (Generally Accepted Accounting Principles), may over or under evaluate Furniture, Fixtures & Equipment (FF & E), causing substantially inaccurate collateralization results. Accurate asset valuation is critical to both financial institutions and business enterprises in the lodging and healthcare industries to obtain the True Fair Market Value for FF&E
    collateralization. ICL has developed the accurate product line to respond to these needs. Will the business enterprise guarantee the lender the FF&E value stated on their financial balance sheet for collateralization is
    recoverable if needed by the lender?
  • ICL Management has completed 100’s of Hotel and Hospital inventories and appraisals backed with a certified guaranteed liquidated value.
  • ICL’s Inventory and Evaluation Service will guarantee the CURRENT FAIR MARKET VALUE 100%, if sold by ICL.
  • ICL Appraisers are required to have a minimum of 20 years experience liquidating Hotel & Hospital FF&E.
  • The CURRENT FAIR MARKET VALUE is based on 100’s of ICL’s past liquidations where FF&E is sold in an orderly competitive used market, with all conditions of fair sale between willing and able buyer and seller.
  • ICL Fees are commensurate with the size of the property, timing, and needs of our client.
  • There is no cost in discussing ICL’s services!
RELIAbility you can trust
  • ICL’s management has completed over 600 inventory and evaluations for the business sector, financial institutions and U.S. Bankruptcy Courts throughout North America, Atlantic, Pacific & Caribbean Islands.
  • ICL’s appraisers are seasoned professionals with over 20 years required
    experience in the disposition of the Lodging & Healthcare Industry’s
    Furniture, Fixtures and Equipment (FF&E).
  • ICL’s inventory and evaluation approach is always based on the subject
    Inventory’s “True Fair Market Value” under the current existing economic conditions, where the FF&E is sold in an orderly competitive used market.
  • When the client must know what their inventories are worth, there is no better method then ICL’s “True Fair Market Value” appraisals. So good, we offer a 100% guarantee in a liquidation scenario.

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